Thursday, November 10, 2011

colorset3: Susan Hable + Rinne Allen

Susan Hable, of Hable Construction, and photographer Rinne Allen are longtime friends and collaborators who both live in Athens, Georgia. Often meeting for visits to share inspiration and see what each other is working on, they now create pieces that reflect their shared love for nature, pattern and patina. Now they are ready to share that inspiration with you. Fall 2011 brings the release of the first in a series of artists’ books created by the duo called colorset3. Featuring 8 posters – 16 images back-to-back – that fold out and tear away, the book is an interpretative collection that can become what you make of it. Rinne photographs objects of beauty that range from golden glitter to a flock of birds, and Susan paints a color story inspired by Rinne's photograph. Each poster is double-sided with the interpretation of each subject. Tear out the posters and hang them on your wall, or keep them folded in the book to open up when you need something beautiful to look at. It is up to you. The hardest part may be deciding which side of the poster to view – or buy 2 books and see the lens and brushstroke at the same time. We are so excited to have these in our shop! They are $35 and there were only a limited number printed so come pick yours up at Hawthorne House today!

all images via colorset3.

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